Innovation cluster grows as two new members join AMRC

04 December 2018

A waterjet technology company and a consultants dedicated to driving digital transformation have joined as members of the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC).

Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE), the world leading supplier of waterjet technology and ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) manufacturing process solutions, an American Industrial Partners (AIP) portfolio company, has joined the AMRC as a Tier 1 member.

SHAPE will provide a robotic Waterjet Machining (WJM) system to assist the AMRC in development of manufacturing solutions for composites and super-alloy materials. The system is powered by a 6,500 bar HyperJet pump - the most technologically advanced UHP pump available.

"We are excited to be joining a prestigious organization like the AMRC. Waterjet is an excellent solution for materials that are difficult to process using more traditional methods,” said David Savage, chief executive officer of SHAPE. “With our innovative robotic cutting system we believe we can add significant value to AMRC members and their mission."

Designed by Aquarese Industries, a Shape Technologies Group company, the WJM is a versatile solution for processing advanced materials, including titanium, superalloys, and composites. The advanced robotic waterjet system allows the AMRC to process material up to ten times faster than milling, with a tool life of up to 500 times longer.  

Keith Ridgway, Executive Dean of the AMRC, said: “Working with SHAPE and Aquarese we are eager to develop innovative methods to improve manufacturing efficiency, cost, and quality for parts that are difficult to machine. With their unique ability to create pressures ofup to 6,500 bar we expect significant advancements.”

Austin Consultants, which drives innovation by supporting advanced technology companies to achieve digital transformation, accelerate product development and enable manufacturing efficiency, has become the latest Tier 2 member. Clients rely on its flexible design, development, and integration and data science solutions to resolve complex engineering challenges and are experts in data acquisition, signal processing, data science and Industrial IoT.

Peter Davies, managing director at Austin Consultants, said the AMRC has a global reputation for helping companies overcome manufacturing problems and has become a model for collaborative research involving universities, academics and industry, worldwide.

He added: “Austin Consultants has extensive experience supporting leading industrial partners and we are excited by the opportunity to offer our expertise and services to support the advanced techniques, technologies and processes being developed.”

Keith Ridgway is delighted Austin Consultants has joined the AMRC as a Tier 2 partner. He said: "It’s a brilliant example of how working on emerging technologies and how SME engagement is leading to the growth of digital manufacturing and technology, improved supply chains and collaborative partnership working."

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