AMRC aids investment in the UK says university Vice Chancellor

23 October 2015

Prof Sir Keith Burnett

University of Sheffield Vice Chancellor Prof Sir Keith Burnett has highlighted the opportunities for bringing foreign business to the UK, created by facilities like the AMRC with Boeing and Nuclear AMRC.

Sir Keith made his remarks in a message coinciding with China's President, Xi Jinping's visit to the country.

He said: "At the AMRC and Nuclear AMRC, the University of Sheffield works in world-class research environments with some of the leading industry firms and top-flight experts in technological and scientific fields on robotics, advanced machining, composite materials, advanced metals, and nuclear technology.

"These centres provide foreign firms with the opportunities to localise their supply chain and their R&D capabilities, producing the world's best components in a rigorous and efficient testing grounds, boosting trade and exports, and generating growth for manufacturing firms.

"We are making these sensible steps much easier for Chinese firms to do. In the UK, this growth is transferred to the local regional economy and helps to create sustainable, high-skilled jobs as well as supporting the best opportunities for advanced vocational training for young people."

Sir Keith's full message can be found on the University's web site,

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