SMEA Lecture - Modelling in Manufacture of Critical Components

13 November 2018 - 13 November 2018

SMEA Lecture

Modelling in Manufacture of Critical Components

Dr Sinan Al-Bermani - Senior Development Engineer, Sheffield Forgemasters International

Sinan will explore how computer simulation, modelling and current technology are used in the production of components at Sheffield Forgemasters. The majority of components manufactured are safety critical and as a result of their size, a challenge to manufacture.

He will review the way in which processes are optimised to produce the best forgings and castings possible.

A case study will highlight how, as a result of their vast experience in the field, Forgemasters were able to assist with the safety case for a Swiss nuclear power plant, that resulted in it being powered back up after a two year investigation.

Event information:

Venue: Holiday Inn, Royal Victoria – Sheffield, Victoria Station Road, Sheffield, S4 7YE

Coffee and Biscuits at 5.30pm

Presentation at 6.00pm

Event Organiser:

Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Assoc