The Cutting Technology research group focus on the transition of new research innovation to application, through the manufacture industrial representative feature based demonstrators.

By taking a bench-marking approach, trends in technology progression and the potential for an emerging technology to influence manufacturing cost and productivity can be quantified.

The team itself comprises experienced application engineers and engineers with an academic interest, providing a unique insight into the challenges of both.

The team's research focuses on:

• Feature-based cutting strategy development: The application of metal cutting principles and simulation tools to aid milling, drilling and turning strategy development.

• Cutting tool assessment & parameter optimisation: Applying statistical methods driven by process cost or
productivity drivers, typically cutting strategy driven.

• CAM assessment, driving strategy uptake: Utilisation of both industry leading and internally developed simulation and measurement systems to assess and refine CAM and machining performance.

• Automation of testing processes and standardisation of cutting tests.

Equipment portfolio:

• Refurbished MAG Cincinnati H5-800, having comprehensive process and equipment monitoring systems. A high torque, horizontal platform idea for aggressive milling trials.

• DMG DMU 40 eVo, 18k RPM 5 axis platform, ideal for strategy development where higher RPM's are required and for intricate and high accuracy 5-axis machining, such as aerofoil demonstrations.

• Pro-micron spike® systems (strain gauge based bending and torque measurement) facilitating force
measurement for complex component manufacture where traditional dynamometry is not feasible.