Forbes highlights AMRC Boeing partnership

04 October 2017

The AMRC’s role in driving technological innovation and improving competitiveness for Boeing is singled out by Forbes business magazine as a ‘special example’ of a successful research partnership between a leading Fortune 500 company and higher education.

In an article highlighting the role that universities are playing in ‘the creation of research and technology for the world’s leading corporations,’ Forbes says Boeing is accelerating research through a world-wide network of universities, allowing them to ‘gain significant altitude above their competition.” 

The piece quotes Bill Lyons, Director, Boeing Global Technology saying: “One part of Boeing’s strategy to be a global industrial champion is to invest in research and development that will accelerate technology innovation and strengthen market presence.”

Boeing’s 11 research centres globally partner with 72 universities and 67 consortia to leverage technologies and know-how already in place in specific countries and industries.

“With many important markets around the globe, these relationships help us build presence in that market. These academic partnerships also help us achieve our goal of attracting and retaining a diverse global workforce to develop, build and deliver world-class technology.”

Of these 11 research centres Lyons says: “One particularly special example of our successful academic partnerships is the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre(AMRC) in Sheffield, U.K. The AMRC is a cluster of world-class centers for industry-focused research and development of technologies used in high-value manufacturing sectors.

“Boeing’s partnership with AMRC gives us access to specialist expertise in machining, casting, welding, additive manufacturing, composites, designing for manufacturing, testing and training.  Our investments in research and technology allow us to innovate quickly to meet customer needs, cut costs and secure our global access to the best ideas and the best talent for Boeing.”

Born out of the successful partnership with the AMRC is Boeing Sheffield,  the company’s first manufacturing facility in Europe due to open in late 2018. Boeing Sheffield will manufacture actuation system components for Boeing’s Next-Generation 737, 737 MAX and 777 aircraft.

“The new Sheffield facility is part of Boeing’s broader plan to grow in-house capabilities, in this case the manufacture of key actuation systems to improve productivity, enhance production efficiency and reduce cost whilst maintaining quality. It will double Boeing’s footprint in the UK. The new facility will partner with Boeing Portland to complete the actuation parts to ultimately be used on Boeing aircraft,’ Lyons said.





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